Superimpose for Android

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  • Version: 6.1.5

Magical Photo Retouching

Superimpose is a Photography app developed by Pankaj Goswami. It allows users to superimpose their main subject seamlessly to a new background on their devices. They can also retouch both foreground and background photos like a professional photo editor with its easy to use tools.

Combining Two Photos Seamlessly

Superimpose is created to serve one purpose: crop the main photo and superimpose it on a second photo as if it really possibly exists there. This makes a unique special effect where the main photo is integrated smoothly to the second photo. Users can create more than life effects that can bewilder anyone seeing them online. The app skips the cumbersome process of uploading the photos on a computer, opening any photo editing software, retouching both photos so that they fit together, saving it into a single file and logging in to a social media account to make it present for others to see. This app requires only a few taps to produce superimposed or juxtaposed photos on devices.

Easier Method of Superimposing Photos

The app produces high-quality edits on devices with its intuitive tools. Users select 2 images from their device’s library which for the foreground or the background picture. When editing the foreground image, users can mask out unnecessary parts to only focus with the subject by utilizing the app’s masking tools. They simply tap the area of their choice and it will mask every connected area that has the same colors. Another selection options available in this app are rectangle, ellipse, lasso, brush, global color similarity, linear, bi-linear and radial gradient. Areas that are selected for masking will become transparent while the background becomes very visible. They can smoothen those overlapping edges from the masked section via smoothen tool. The app comes with standard photo editing tools like Move, Resize, Scale, Rotate and Flip for further adjustment of the foreground and background. It will help on aligning the foreground to the position that users intended them to be. On the other hand, the image’s visual properties like colors, hue, saturation, contrast and exposure can be tweaked so that the foreground and background match perfectly. The app also comes with 18 professional blending tools such as texture blending, border overlay and double exposure with transparency. After the images are combined into a well-edited image, users can share them online for the viewing of everybody. It can be sent to online platforms such as email, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. With everything the app’s tools provide to all users, they can showcase each of their creativity and personal styles.

Photo Editing Capacity on Devices

Users don’t have to get a photo editing app for their device to create simple photo editing tricks. They also don’t have to spend so much money to make pictures look compelling and impressive. Superimpose is a handy app can do photo editing on any user’s device and immediately share them to social media sites. They can enhance 2 plain images from devices into a single impressive photo. It allows users to show off their creativity with few photo editing tools provided to them.


  • Superimpose one photo to another photo
  • Edit foreground and background photos
  • Do editing on devices
  • Comes with plentiful of tools


  • Only superimposes photos
  • No redo function
  • Not updated
  • Runs slowly

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Superimpose 6.1.5 for Android

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